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What is NEO-CIRC?

Neo-Circ Consortium


- will focus on the use of the drug dobutamine for the treatment of circulatory failure in the first two days after birth

- sustained low blood pressure and impaired blood flow to organs, during this period, can cause brain injury resulting in poor neurodevelopmental outcomes

- neurodevelopmental disorders are associated with mental, emotional and physical disorders of varying severity

- there is strong evidence that the use of dobutamine will reduce the incidence of these disabilities


Latest news

NEO-CIRC Partners meet to plan next steps.
The NEO-CIRC Partners met at a consortium meeting in June to discuss the progress made to date and the next steps for the project.

NEO-CIRC Website Launched
The neocirculation project website has today been launched!

NEO-CIRC partners meet for the project kick-off meeting in Brighton, UK.
The first meeting of the project was hosted by the Brighton & Sussex University Hospitals.

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NEO-CIRC Consortium Meeting Scheduled

The next NEO-CIRC Consortium Meeting will be held in Lübeck, Germany on the 19th – 20th March 2013.

NEO-CIRC Consortium Meeting held in Madrid.

The first consortium meeting was held in Madrid on the 12-13th June 2012. The meeting was hosted by NEO-CIRC partner- Servicio Madrileño De Salud (Sermas).

NEO-CIRC Kick-Off Meeting held in Brighton, UK.

The first meeting of the project was held in Brighton, UK on the 3rd-4th November 2011.

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