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What is NEO-CIRC?

Neo-Circ Consortium


- will focus on the use of the drug dobutamine for the treatment of circulatory failure in the first two days after birth

- sustained low blood pressure and impaired blood flow to organs, during this period, can cause brain injury resulting in poor neurodevelopmental outcomes

- neurodevelopmental disorders are associated with mental, emotional and physical disorders of varying severity

- there is strong evidence that the use of dobutamine will reduce the incidence of these disabilities


Latest news

3rd Prize for Poster at RANM 2017 Conference
Kirstin Faust (University of Lubeck) awarded joint 3rd Prize for best poster presentation at RANM 2017 Conference

NEOCIRC 003 TRIAL: Additional study centres required
We are now recruiting additional study centres to conduct a large randomised study in infants < 33 weeks gestation.

NeoCirc-001A completed!
The 1st phase of NEOCIRC001 trial is complete after recruiting the required number of babies.

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5th NEO-CIRC Consortium Budapest - January 2016

On the 25th and 26th of January 2016, the Neocirculation Consortium held its Consortium Meeting in Budapest chaired by Heike Rabe the Project Coordinator

4th NEO-CIRC Consortium Meeting

The 4th NEO-CIRC Consortium Meeting to take place in the city of Cluj-Napoca in Romania.

NEO-CIRC Consortium Meeting Scheduled

The next NEO-CIRC Consortium Meeting will be held in Lübeck, Germany on the 19th – 20th March 2013.

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